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Package Material Declaration - VK GR - S3 

RoHS (Restriction Of use of Hazardous Substances) is a directive issued January 27, 2003 by the European Commission (EC). The RoHS directive requires that six hazardous substances are removed from all electrical and electronic equipment.

The JIG-101A standard issued in September 2007 is giving a framework to report specific information about the material composition of products to legal and market requirements. The level A list is composed of materials and substances that, when used in products and subparts, are subject to currently enacted legislation which prohibits their use, restricts or requires reporting. Level B list is composed of materials and substances that the industry has determined relevant for disclosure because they are significant of environmental, health or safety interest, would trigger hazardous waste management or could have negative impact on end-of-life management

Current Revision:  6.0
File Type:  Environmental Information
File Size:  104.9 KB

30 days: 450
total: 17445

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