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LED circuit calculator for Buck Boost (non-isolated flyback) topology with fixed input supply volta 

Important Remark:
This tool is not applicable with the Automotive Buck-Boost reference design, due to lack of supply compensation network. Please contact your nearest sales representative for automotive applications.

The coil and resistor calculation sheet.
This tool is targeting Buck-Boost or Non-Isolated fly back boost topologies in commercial and general lighting applications where the input voltage is constant. There is no compensation network to correct for changes in the supply voltage.

This is a tool to balance and optimize your LED-driver circuit, and to estimate component values. The tool describes simplified how the waveform of the current over the diodes will look like for different number of diodes, type of coil and resistors in your applications.
You will also use the tool to optimize LED current behavior over a specified supply voltage range.

Use this tool and you will get a good reference to design your specific LED driver circuit.

Remarks :

1. This tool describes a fly back design using MLX10803. It is an energy regulation based on forward regulation.

2. In applications for fly back topology you should put a relatively large capacitor on the output parallel with the LEDs. This tool does not include that optimization of that capacitor! This optimizations is simple to do visually in a later design phase.

3. EMC and EMR filter are not included in the demonstrative schematic in the Excel sheet.

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