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Melexis Annual Report 2015

Integrated DC motor Controller IC

February 13, 2014 - Tessenderlo, Belgium

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Melexis launches the MLX80153 Half Bridge Motor Controller IC including extensive application specific firmware libraries. The MLX80153 is a new member in Melexis’ portfolio of DC and BLDC automotive motor controller solutions, which enables DC motor suppliers to introduce on-demand control, required by emissions legislation, with minimum development effort.

The MLX80153 is the next generation of the 80151 OTP (One Time Programmable) Half Bridge Motor Controller, offering more program and RAM memory. Like the previous generation MLX80151, the focus applications are PWM controlled DC Engine cooling fans, HVAC blowers and fuel pumps. Additionally the MLX80153’s two high side drivers with individual PWM control are able to individually control dual engine cooling fans with separate power control and partial stall detection.

The integrated dead time control of the MLX80153 is ideal to realize cost effective full NFET half bridge solutions, reducing peak on board dissipation by as much as 30% compared to solutions using freewheeling diodes. Motor currents up to 30A can be controlled on full SMD PCB's using cost effective and reliable DPAK NFETs. A double charge pump avoids the need for Logic Level transistors. Extensive (c-code) software libraries and application software examples, including examples for partial stall detection using current limiting, or using BEMF monitoring, are available.
For development a pin compatible Flash variant (MLX80154) is available. The user friendly development kit includes evaluation boards and a PWM master with USB interface.

Dirk Leman, Product Line Manager for motor control products at Melexis says:” In parallel to the continued rush towards Brushless (BLDC), Brushed DC control remains an important market, as cost effective alternative. The MLX80153 alongside the MLX81200 BLDC product family show our commitment to engineer the sustainable future in the automotive industry in the most cost effective and high performing way.“

The MLX80153 is qualified in TSSOP28 exposed pad package for operation up to Tj=150C. Development samples and tools are currently available for qualified customers and applications. Contact our sales organization for a consultation on these motor control solutions.

MLX80153 Integrated DC motorcontroller with full bridge NFET predriver

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Global Marketing Manager
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