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Melexis Annual Report 2015

We are... Melexis Bulgaria

September 20, 2006 - 


Melexis Bulgaria Old OfficeWhere We Started

Melexis Bulgaria was established in 2000. It evolved from the well known Bulgarian electronic company, Sigma Delta.

In a period of ruined economy Sigma Delta made a significant influence to the lives of both freshly graduated and well established engineers in Bulgaria by providing job opportunities, access to new technologies, the possibility to travel abroad and a secure income.

Since 2000 Melexis Bulgaria has been expanding and facing new challenges. The stabilizing Bulgarian economy started attracting other investors. Together with a lot of specialist leaving Bulgaria it has become increasingly difficult to hire good electronic engineers, as well as to keep already hired ones.

Melexis strong commitment to its employees and continued investment in our facilities, our staff and our community have allowed a continuous growth in both technical, production and administration staff.

Where we are today

On 20 September 2006 a new building of Melexis Bulgaria was officially opened.

At the official opening ceremony Françoise Chombar, CEO of Melexis, explained: “After a presence of over 10 years this building marks a new milestone in the development of Melexis in Bulgaria. It shows our belief in the future potential of this country and its people.

Its central location between Europe and Asia and its highly skilled workforce are major assets. Moreover the efficiency and consequently the low cost of public utilities yield a relatively low tax on labor. We believe Bulgaria is well positioned to be very successful in competing with other countries, certainly now that it will be joining the EU in 2007".

Here is a fun way to see where we are located in Sofia, Bulgaria using the popular software from Google called Google Earth.

At Work

Melexis takes great pride in our no-nonsense culture. Our values emphasize this with team oriented leadership, an emphasis on balancing professional and personal commitments, customer orientation, respect, profitability and personal responsibility. It is well in line with our conviction that “Small things make a big difference”.

In Sofia reside complete business units with Design and development teams, Marketing professionals, customer service specialists and production operations. In addition the Global “virtual team” approach ensures colleagues are working across the many sites of Melexis every day and week to reach the company targets for growth and profitability.

Working for Melexis also has brought the chance to meet a real prince and princess.

On 13 December 2006 the Belgian prince and princess visited Melexis Bulgaria. Belgium and Bulgaria have long fostered economic ties and Melexis'recently completed refurbishment have been recognized officially through annual awards ceremonies for the top investments across the nation.


The Melexis values encourage finding a good balance between professional and private life. At Melexis Sofia this is a well practiced value. Our culture places great value on family time and friendly, lively social events.

Traditional dance, games of snooker, perhaps a spirited football match as participants or as spectators, skiing in the beautiful mountains or a weekend away on the Black sea shore, any and all these activities you will find us enjoying in the evenings and weekends.

It was our pleasure to share a bit more about the people behind the ICs of Melexis. Please look to these pages for future installments about our other sites in Europe, Asia and North America.

Melexis Bulgaria.

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