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Melexis Annual Report 2014

Welcome To Melexis

Welcome on board the flagship Melexis, counting about 1000 crewmembers over more than 10 different countries. Nevertheless, we still consider ourselves a small company expanding globally in an amazing world full of opportunities.

Melexis is a thriving high tech organization operating internationally in the booming automotive, industrial and consumer products business. Over 10 years Melexis has achieved an average annual growth rate of around 10%, giving us confidence in our sustained future growth path.
Looking only at our efforts in the automotive industry, we marvel at the innovations we are able to work on every single day. We proudly cooperate on the creation of the cars of the future. Our small chips are making a large difference. Since millions of people globally use cars on a daily basis, we are motivated by the importance of making cars safer, cleaner and more comfortable. Our ICs have been able to save lives and reduce the automotive ecological footprint. Our employees acknowledge they have an impact in their current positions. Together with our employees and our clients we are engineering the sustainable future

Our mission: “to provide innovative micro-electronics for our customers` challenges with a passion for achieving mutual success”.

Our customer’s challenges become our challenges. Our core values help us to achieve this mission day after day.
That is exactly why we are continuously looking for motivated crewmembers who want to join our team and, together, engineer the sustainable future. Melexis offers much more than a competitive compensation. Melexis is about more than work alone and more than Melexis alone.
Let this be our introduction for now and hope we’ll meet again later. We invite you to take a look to our website to see and read what Melexis is about and has to offer. A large variety of challenging jobs are waiting to be explored by capable people who want to strengthen their development in a rewarding, challenging organization.

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