ABS Braking System

ABS Brake Communication Technology - Melexis 


Stopping a vehicle quickly on a slippery road surface can prove to be very challenging. If the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) senses a rapid deceleration occurring (impending lock-up) on one of the wheels, then the associated electronic control unit (ECU) will command the hydraulic control unit to reduce the hydraulic pressure applied to that wheel. This type of pressure limiting is similar to pumping the brake pedal, but it is implemented at a much faster rate.

Melexis’ ASIC devices are specifically designed to interface with our high performance sensor ICs. Together with our fail-safe power control ASIC devices, that install and regulate the local hydraulic pressure, ABS systems can  in order to react quickly to such events. Unlike mass produced microcontrollers, these devices are highly suited to dealing with harsh automotive environments.

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