Proximity, Gesture Sensing and Driver Monitoring

Innovative Human Machine Interface (HMI) Products

Check out these innovative HMI products for proximity, gesture sensing and driver monitoring:

Enhanced Safety Systems for a Sustainable Future

Proximity and gesture recognition sensors simplify complex controls so attention is on the road not the radio. Driver monitoring enables context aware HMI for improved comfort and safety. Human eyes are among natureís most refined sensing systems, the silicon eyes from Melexis take inspiration from human eyesight, delivering engineered optical sensors for safer living.

The MLX75023 is our first Time-of-Flight sensor to enable real-time QVGA resolution 3D imaging in automotive conditions. Based on SoftKinetic DepthSense™ Time-of-Flight pixel technology, the sensor combines highest sensitivity with support for 120 klux background light robustness.


Inspired Engineering

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