Triaxis®: Position Sensing Solution

What is Triaxis®?

Triaxis® is Melexis’ trademarked term to describe an innovative magnetic sensor technology capable of 3 axis magnetic field measurement from a single sensor. Via our Triaxis® technology we are able to measure the position of a magnet very precisely. It can be used to measure rotational, linear and 3D displacement as well as sense current flowing in a wire. It measures the properties of a magnetic field using the Hall Effect and innovative, patented, flux concentrators, known as "Integrated Magnetic Concentrators" or IMC. 

Depositing a patented magnetic film to the surface of our IC and applying a specific mathematical formula to the resulting signals we can, with the same sensor, measure 3 components (x,y and z) of the applied magnetic flux density. Conventional Hall sensors (including devices like our MLX90215 Programmable Linear Hall Sensor) are only sensitive to flux in 1 axis, through the sensor.

Strengths of Triaxis®

Triaxis® sensors are small, capable of high temperature operation and can include sophisticated bus and interface electronics directly on chip. The magnetic coupling of the signal means no physical contact and no wear items for virtually infinite life. Also it means they are impervious to dirt, dust, moisture, grease and oil making them ideal for harsh environments in cars, trucks, farm equipment and industrial uses. Melexis patented Triaxis® scheme tolerates magnet misalignment further simplifying the design challenges of our customers. Being fully programmable our customers have the freedom to use practically any (inexpensive) magnet they prefer and can make many different sensors from one mechanical design simply by software changes. Also due to the fact that the Triaxis® sensors are “smart” sensors: they have self diagnostic features making them ideal in safety critical products like drive by wire and machine controls.

Where is Triaxis® used in?


Steering angle, pedal position, electronic throttle body, ER valve, automatic shifter knob, turbo actuator, seat position, battery current monitoring, charge level indication, hybrid vehicle battery control systems.


Agricultural vehicles and equipment, joysticks, man-machine interfaces, heavy-duty vehicles, forklifts, robots, wheelchairs, industrial cranes, etc.

Triaxis Features and Benefits

  • Triaxis® magnetometer (BX, BY, BZ)
  • On chip signal processing for robust position sensing
  • High Speed Serial Interface (SPI compatible -Full duplex)
  • Enhanced self-diagnostics features
  • 5V and 3V3 application compatible
  • Immune to dirt and dust
  • Assembly misalignment tolerant
  • Inexpensive magnet capability
  • Single die -SO8 package RoHS compliant
  • Dual die (full redundant) -TSSOP16 package RoHS compliant

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