Development & Quality

Internship Quality Assurance Engineer: PQA Product Optimization - Ieper, Belgium





Project description

After the development phase of an Integrated Circuit, a close follow-up is needed to maintain the quality of its production. After product ramped up, product quality assurance department is becoming accountable for the overall yield and product quality, the observation of budget limits and production cost reduction.

Project goals

  • Improve the yield, investigate the root causes for having losses
  • Improve the product flow by removing one test step (e.g. test at a given temperature)
  • Improve the product test time
  • Improve lot rejection rate, investigate the root causes for having lot interruptions


  • Degree in electronic engineering (Eng...)
  • Excellent knowledge of analog & digital electronics
  • Good sense of problem analysis and solution finding
  • Good conceptual thinking: (able to extract the right information form a group of data)
  • Organization skills and be self-motivated
  • Fluent in English


6 months

Inspired Engineering