Information Technology

Internship IT Developer: Product Data Converter Integration - Ieper, Belgium





Project description

Our IT department handles more than hundred projects a year and develop/integrate several applications using latest technology with full stack (backend and frontend).

Main technologies used:

  • Java (mvn, sprint boot, apache camel...)
  • Javascript (React, nodejs...)
  • Continuous delivery (gitlabCI, docker, K8....)

Project goals

Being involved in one IT project. Project can be chosen according to your personal interests.


  • Bachelor degree in ICT
  • Basic knowledge on technology mentioned above


Minimum 3 months

Additional student information

How many students could work on this project?


Student Contribution to the project:

Implement new functionalities including automatic testing and update of documentation. In charge of releasing those functionalities to production environment through Melexis release process.

Competences the student could develop (gained skills and knowledge):

  • To work with real enterprise applications frameworks by getting product that is deployed to 15 servers over 7 countries worldwide. So, seeing how an enterprise application works vs stand alone program running on single PC typically teached at school
  • Technologies/Frameworks used (student should have at least skills in java, rest can be explained when starting the placement): java, maven, junit/mockito for unit testing, functional testing with jbehave, continuous integration/deployment with jenkins, packaging of application with docker/kubernetes


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