Information Technology

Internship IT Developer: Migration of applications - Ieper, Belgium





Project description

Change of technologies in IT goes fast and today the world is moving to microservices architecture, beside the need to develop such services we also need to have infrastructure to monitor, deploy, scale those services.

Project goals

Due to move of technologies we still have applications running in application servers under Osgi technology. Target is to migrate to microservices architecture and rework some applications to use those microservices.


  • Bachelor degree in ICT
  • Basic experience with java
  • Good knowledge of English


4 weeks minimum but can be bigger to cover more migration work.

Additional student information

How many students could work on this project?

1 or 2

Student Contribution to the project:

Rework some osgi services to REST services and refactor application to use the REST services. Migrate those applications from osgi container to spring boot application and modify the deployment from service mix application server to standalone app deployed through kubernetes.

Competences the student could develop (gained skills and knowledge):

  • To work with real enterprise applications frameworks by getting products that are deployed >10 servers over 7 countries worldwide. So seeing how an enterprise application works vs stand alone program running on single PC typically teached at school.
  • Technologies/Frameworks used (student should have at least skills in java, rest can be explained when starting the placement): java, maven, junit/mockito for unit testing, functional testing with jbehave, continuous integration/deployment with jenkins, packaging of application with docker/kubernetes, seeing application server approach with apache service mix.

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