Information Technology

Internship: ATE Raw data improvements - Ieper, Belgium

Internship: Integrate in processing tools new features of ATE (Automatic Test Equipments) raw data updates and work on quality metrics/reporting to measure the quality of ATE data 

Your future job

MLX designs and tests micrelectronic devices and for the testing it has 5 manufacturing sites with hundreds of automatic test equipments (ATE) to reject parts not working properly. Each part can be measured multiple times (e.g. on different temperatures...) and for each test thousands of parameters are measured.

The goal of this project is to add new capabilities in the data processing library to enhance the data quality of converted data and apply those on real applications, and in parallel to enhance reporting on the actual data quality.

Responsibility: Implement new functionalities including automatic testing and updating of documentation. In charge of releasing those functionalities to the production environment through the Melexis release process.

Your profile

  • Student in Bachelor or Master in IT
  • IT software analysis, design and development practices
  • Minimal: Java development (preferably with the above mentioned libs & platforms)
  • Preferably: Git/Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Data engineering technologies (for the related projects)


Main technologies used:

  • Java (Maven, sprint boot, apache camel, IntelliJ,…)
  • Test automation based on Cucumber and Selenium
  • Service management platforms and continuous delivery (Kubernetes, Docker, Git/gitlab CI,….)
  • Microservices and event-based application architecture (using event brokers like ActiveMQ and Google Cloud Pub/Sub)
  • Local and Google Cloud infrastructure (BigQuery, Google Data Studio,…)

We offer

  • a challenging job in a dynamic high-tech international environment
  • the opportunity to take ownership of your professional passion in order to contribute to the success of the company
  • an enjoyable, team-oriented and professional atmosphere in a flat-structured organization
  • versatile development opportunities