Internship Electrical Engineering - Tessenderlo, Belgium





Melexis is a dynamic company with more than 1500 enthusiastic employees, active in 12 countries. Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems designs, develops, tests and markets advanced integrated semiconductor devices to meet the world’s growing demand for greener and safer cars, smarter appliances and more conscious buildings. We supply unique sensor and driver chips, communicating with analog, digital, wired or wireless interfaces, enhanced with advanced on board micro-controllers or DSP capabilities. Our core experience is derived from over twenty-five years supplying leading-edge and innovative ICs to the automotive electronics market, recently expanding in other application fields such as smart appliances and building automation. Our engineers are committed to helping our customers achieve success which is, more than ever, accomplished by targeting designs toward a more sustainable future.

Tessenderlo (BEL) or Bevaix (CH) – 4 to 6 months

Subject: Electric Vehicle (EV) battery management current sensing solution

Project Description

As an intern at Melexis, you will be engineering current sensor solutions for automotive EV battery applications.

More specifically, you will:

        Develop a battery state monitoring solution based on a voltage, current and temperature (V-I-T) sensor

        Model a Battery Management System (BMS) and explore how sensing accuracy impacts the battery state estimation

        Manage sensor voltage isolation for 400V and 800V state-of-the-art EV batteries

        Develop software for compensation of sensing imperfections

●      Make, validate and integrate prototypes that accurately measure V-I-T variables in our HV lab


Expected results

        Develop a clear understanding of the BMS and BDU (Battery Disconnect Unit) application

        Develop working shunt and Hall current measurement prototypes compliant with industry requirements

        Develop software, compile and verify it through rigorous test

        Develop a working HV battery setup in our HV lab


        Self-motivated student, eager to learn, curious and enterprising with strong problem-solving mindset

        Strong experience with electrical measurements and characterization in a lab environment

        (Strong) experience with embedded C/C++. Python and Git (GitLab) are a plus

        Experience with Altium is a plus

        Experience with Creo or any CAD software is a plus


Melexis Current sensing branch has increased significantly in the past few years, closing projects with major OEMs such as Tesla (X/S/3/Y), Renault (Zoé, E-TECH) or BYD. Supported by the growing electrification of vehicles, Melexis is expanding its current sensing branch: upon excellent work and strong motivation, this Master Thesis or Internship will lead to a permanent position offer.


Joining Melexis for your internship is the opportunity to build up your know-how in a high-tech, international and dynamic company, benefit from the experience and training of our experts and enjoy the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of our teams. The Bevaix office is specialized in Hall Sensors and Wireless technology and counts 70 employees. The Tessenderlo office is the headquarter.

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