Development & Quality

Internship EMC Engineering - Tessenderlo, Belgium





Project description

At Melexis, we have products with a range of different output protocols (Analog, PWM, SENT, LIN, CAN, SPI, ….). In the EMC team we have the need to monitor and log all these protocols. The goal of this project is to implement the monitoring in an uniform system, preferably on an FPGA board, that supports multiple protocols. The implemented system will be benchmarked against current systems.

You will create a tool that can monitor multiple protocols, log the data and say if there where anomalies in the received signal.


Your profile

  • 2 Master students Industrial Engineering

  • Good understanding of technical documentation

  • Conceptual thinking

  • Knowledge of measurement systems, Vivado and FPGAs

  • Basic programming knowledge

Project duration

  • 6-12 months (can be adapted to the requirements of the thesis)