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Internship Product Verification Engineering - Tessenderlo, Belgium





Project description

To test our chips, we made our own test setups for verification. These setups consist out of a PXI and PCB’s. To be flexible and able to measure everything, our PCB’s became quite big with a lot of relays. Next to this we communicate with our devices through a Melexis protocol.

To speed up our tests and to characterize the communication protocol, we need to be able to communicate faster (up to 50MHz and higher) with our chips. We would like you to find out what our current issue is and give us solutions. We would like to see a solution being proved. This by implementing it on our hardware (update our board), simulating it or prove it on a bench setup.

You will get support from an engineer during complete investigation and development phases.

Project goals:

  • Literature study
  • Problem investigation of existing HW
  • Proposal of solutions that could be implemented
  • Proof of a solution that it would work (simulation/on setup/on bench)
  • Implement the solution on our board in schematics (layout -- Altium)

Your profile

  • Master student in electronics engineering

  • Good knowledge of hardware (Melexis uses Altium)

  • LabView knowledge is a plus (PXI is controlled by LabView)

  • Good knowledge of English

Project duration

  • 6-12 months (can be adapted to the requirements of the thesis)