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Senior Sensor Design Engineer - Sofia, Bulgaria





Your future job

As a Senior MEMS Design Engineer at Melexis, you will be part of a team developing novel and innovative infrared detectors for many kinds of industrial and consumer applications.

More specifically, you will;

  • Create multiple designs and create trade-off curves for the most optimal MEMS infrared pixel design;
  • Model and simulate the MEMS infrared pixel designs in the thermal and in the optical domain to derive the critical characteristics of the MEMS infrared pixel;
  • Model and simulate the manufacturing of the MEMS infrared pixel designs in the mechanical domain, to ensure a correct release etching of the MEMS infrared pixel;
  • Collaborate with the Lead Analog Design Engineer in order to guarantee a matching of the pixel design with the first stage amplification of the MEMS infrared pixel;
  • Participate in design reviews, evaluation and characterization of prototype units in order to contribute to the early identification of deviations/problems and to propose solutions for them;
  • Provide guidance to the Layout Engineer in order to jointly achieve the optimal match of the design & layout aspects of the MEMS infrared pixels;
  • Collaborate with the Lead Analog Design Engineer and with the Technology Development Engineer to ensure that the design can be efficiently and fully tested in the waferfab and at Melexis.

Your profile

  • Master degree in Electronics or Physics Engineering;

  • Deep knowledge of physics of sensing principles;

  • Previous experience in MEMS design and MEMS technology;

  • Previous experience in design and manufacturing of infrared sensors (thermopiles or microbolometers);

  • Knowledge of simulation CAD (e.g. Comsol Multiphysics; Matlab; Python);

  • Fluent in English;

  • Conscientious and structured way of working;

  • Enjoy working in an international environment.

We offer

  • a challenging job in a dynamic high-tech international environment
  • the opportunity to take ownership of your professional passion in order to contribute to the success of the company
  • an enjoyable, team-oriented and professional atmosphere in a flat-structured organization
  • versatile development opportunities