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Internship: Data Science project - Retest Optimization - Ieper, Belgium

Internship: Data Science project - Retest Optimization

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Inspection (testing) is an important aspect of quality control in semiconductor manufacturing. Errors are inevitable in any inspection process, however. Nonconforming items may be classified as conforming, and conforming items may be classified as nonconforming. (Greenberg, Betsy S., and S. Lynne Stokes. "Repetitive testing in the presence of inspection errors." Technometrics 37, no. 1 (1995): 102-111.)

Because the test procedure is not perfect it is common practice to retest parts after they have failed the initial test. In this project, the student will build a predictive model of the retest outcome. The model will use historical and real-time production data to estimate both the probability that a device is defective and the probability that the test is incorrect, and suggest retesting or not the current device under test.

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled 4th or 5th year student with a specialization in data science to join our team.

Your profile

  • Strong communication skills in English, with the ability to effectively convey technical concepts and ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Strong software development skills, with experience in Python environments and a solid understanding of documentation and unit testing best practices
  • Strong mathematical and statistical background, with the ability to apply advanced analytical techniques to complex data sets
  • Proven ability to perform autonomous exploratory data analysis and manipulate tabular and semi-structured data.
  • Main technologies used:
    - Python
    - Scikit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow
    - Pandas, PySpark
    - Git, Gitlab CI
    - Google Cloud Platform 

We offer

  • a challenging job in a dynamic high-tech international environment
  • the opportunity to take ownership of your professional passion in order to contribute to the success of the company
  • an enjoyable, team-oriented and professional atmosphere in a flat-structured organization
  • versatile development opportunities