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Do you have knowledge and interest in electronics and you’d like to help a high-tech organization optimize machinery and track down errors in their manufacturing department? Whether you’re interested in mechanics or electronics, when working in manufacturing at Melexis you can act to your heart’s content in a fun and devoted team. We are looking for all kinds of manufacturing profiles such as Operators, Technicians and Team Leads.

Whatever role fits you best, you will be engaged in a range of learning opportunities which makes it possible to develop yourself and grow every day.

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Senior Final Test Technician Ieper - Belgium

I have been working at Melexis for five years. Three years as a Technician and two years as a Senior Technician.

In our department, we make sure that our machines are working well, both on a mechanical and electronic level. And we provide 24-hour support. I’m responsible for making sure that new technicians successfully finish their training program.

We have a lot of growth opportunities and Melexis gives you the chance to grow vertically and horizontally within a couple of years. There’s also time for fun in the team. We go out from time to time for drinks on Friday evening.


Senior Process Engineer/Team Lead Sofia - Bulgaria

In a few months, I am going to have my tenth anniversary at Melexis. Looking back, it is remarkable how much has changed. For me personally, becoming a Team Lead, was a very big change. Melexis offers me training and workshops that are linked with human behavior and how to lead people. Needless to say, it has meant a lot for my personal growth.

At the same time my team has also grown a lot. When I started as a Team Lead my team consisted of three people, now it is eleven. I try to give each of the newcomers the same warm welcome as I received on my first day. More recently our site increase has been announced, so growth is really in everything we do here at Melexis. It sends such a positive vibe to the team and it enables me to evolve as an expert and as a person. Melexis has given me a lot to be grateful for.

Meet Ivan - Senior Process Engineer/Team Lead at Melexis
Meet Matthias - Flex Operator at Melexis


Senior Operator  Erfurt - Germany

Working in Melexis is exactly how I have imagined it would be. Each day I can bring in all my knowledge and experience to deliver our customers with high quality products.

Nevertheless, I learn something new each day and no day is like the one before. I get regular feedback on my performance and thus getting even more engaged with my job and that opened interesting career opportunities for me.

Furthermore, through my work I have a direct influence and contribution to the customer satisfaction and on time delivery.


Process Owner Inventory Planning Tessenderlo - Belgium

In a nutshell, Melexis is all about customer-oriented, state-of-the-art technology. In customer relations I literally build up relations with people. Whatever a customer’s question may be, I function as an extension of that customer in order to serve him or her in the best and quickest way possible. Although I am only a go-between, and a small radar in the machine, I really feel that I make a difference.

Often, customers are really thankful for your help and that is what motivates me and makes me love my job. This is my first job, but Melexis is not afraid of fresh graduates. We get the best training and you can feel they trust you.

I am amazed by how much I have learned in this short amount of time, but also how much I was already able to help customers. It always makes me feel good when they are satisfied with the solutions.

Meet Charlotte - Process Owner Inventory Planning

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