What happens after my application?

Resumes are read and carefully filtered by dedicated recruitment specialists, but also technical experts. Every applicant receives an answer within two weeks. If accepted, the candidate receives an invitation by e-mail or phone to the interview round.

What is the Melexis Career Guide?

Candidates who are invited for the interview round first will be asked to fill in the Melexis Career Guide. This is a questionnaire of general non-technical topics to give us a better idea of the candidate and allow us to personalise the interview round to get the most out of it for both parties.

What is the interview round?

After candidates have filled in the Melexis Career Guide, they are invited for the first interview. This focuses on technical questions and tests (completed after the interview), and sometimes also practical assignments to check the technical capabilities of the candidate.

If the candidate succeeds at the technical interview, he or she can continue to the HR interview. The purpose of this interview is getting an in-depth understanding of the business skills and cultural fit of the candidate.

If both the technical and the HR interview are successful, final candidates will complete additional technical interviews with a versatile interview panel representing internal stakeholders and partners of the future role. They are then asked to conduct an online assessment, which provides a scientifically measured overview of thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests. Upon completion, candidates receive an individual descriptive report they can use for own development purposes, whether they are hired or not.

Who decides if I am hired?

The hiring decision is never an individual call, but taken at a roundtable among all interview panel members. It is always the result of a consensus, because technical qualities, thinking style, cultural fit and business skills are all equally important at Melexis.

What if I live in a country without a Melexis office?

We are open to all international applications. Most tests and questionnaires can be filled in from home, and for the first interviews remote candidates can use telephone or Skype.

How long does the application process take?

From start to finish it takes between one to two months.

I want to work at Melexis. Can I just send in my resume?

Please apply for the position which is of interest to you via our job application page. If you don’t find a suitable open position at the moment, you can create a job alert to receive notifications when a suitable job is posted.

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