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Matthias - Flex Operator


Flex Operator
Erfurt - Germany

Each day I can bring in all my knowledge and experience to deliver our customers with high quality products. Nevertheless, I learn something new each day and no day is like the one before.
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Preventive Maintenance Technician - Melexis


Preventive Maintenance Technician
Ypres - Belgium

Melexis gave me educational leave and organized my shifts so I could go to class. This year I will obtain my Associate degree in Electromechanics.
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Applications Engineer - Melexis


Applications Engineer
Bevaix - Switzerland

Although I find my job challenging, I have a good work-life balance, thanks to the sports and all kinds of events we organize at Melexis.
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Digital Competence Center Manager and Site Manager - Melexis


Digital Competence Center Manager, Site Manager
Paris - France

When Melexis opened an office in France, I was part of that team of five pioneers. Now, more than 25 years later, we have approximately 1,100 employees worldwide, so needless to say that it was a success.
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