Alexander Smeets - Product Verification Engineer - MelexisProduct Verification Engineer

Tessenderlo - Belgium

I first came into contact with Melexis because of the internship I did at the company. Melexis immediately struck me as an “open cultured” company. Whenever I had a question or when something was unclear to me, I could go to a colleague and he or she would help me in the best possible way. This helped me - and still helps me now - to develop my competencies as an engineer.

Furthermore, I was able to get in touch with the tricks and methods of experienced engineers as a young intern. I can really say I learned from the best! And I am still learning from my colleagues on a daily basis, which is an important aspect of any job, in my opinion. Melexis gives everyone the opportunity to grow and to develop. When I got offered a job even before I was graduated, I knew Melexis was the best choice I could’ve made for an internship.