Portrait AndreySystem Architect

Kyiv - Ukraine

Melexis is a kind of company which enables employees to come with creative solutions. We get the opportunity to be creative. The company really motivates employees to come up with innovative ideas and try them out. Some of them develop into patents, so it is a great environment for the development of intellectual property. When I was a design engineer I was always able to discuss the specifics of tasks with my colleagues and propose better solutions. And now, as a system architect, I'm always open to the proposals of design engineers on how to make the solutions better.

At Melexis, we are really "one team, one goal, one voice". As a consequence, you are proud to be the designer or engineer on a certain project and then see it become reality. The result is that Melexis is one of the few companies that works on the cutting edge of technology in the automotive industry. The freedom to experiment is one of the main reasons for Melexis’ success and why I love my job.