Dorothee - Product Quality Assurance Manager - MelexisProduct Quality Assurance Manager

Erfurt - Germany

When I started at Melexis, I immediately felt part of a team. I could easily get into direct contact with not only my fellow engineers, but also people at management level. Melexis has a flat hierarchy and open atmosphere. In meetings and workshops we can share ideas freely and although we may not always agree, at the end we will find a joint opinion. Never before have I experienced really working in a team this much.

When I once solved an important problem with complex data analysis, I did not only get positive feedback from my direct manager, but also from the business unit manager. He even published the case in one of our global newsletters, which made me feel appreciated. Now I am trained to become a manager myself. This means I will no longer be solving problems on a technical level, but rather giving my team the capability of doing it by themselves. I hope I can be as helpful and thankful to them as my coaches at Melexis have always been to me.