Senior Process Engineer / Team Lead

Sofia - Bulgaria

In a few months, I am going to have my tenth anniversary at Melexis. Looking back, it is remarkable how much has changed. For me personally, becoming a Team Lead, was a very big change. Melexis offers me training and workshops that are linked with human behavior and how to lead people. Needless to say, it has meant a lot for my personal growth.

At the same time my team has also grown a lot. When I started as a Team Lead my team consisted of three people, now it is eleven. I try to give each of the newcomers the same warm welcome as I received on my first day. More recently our site increase has been announced, so growth is really in everything we do here at Melexis. It sends such a positive vibe to the team and it enables me to evolve as an expert and as a person. Melexis has given me a lot to be grateful for.