Portrait KennethSenior Test Engineer / Team Lead

Tessenderlo - Belgium

I am currently working as a Test Team Lead and as a Talent Development Project Manager. Melexis created this last position even especially for me. I love engineering, but I also wanted to be involved in talent development. Not a lot of companies with the scale of Melexis are still flexible enough to come up with these kinds of solutions and let employees to work part-time in engineering, and part-time in HR. They are very good at listening to people’s desires and finding positions corresponding to these desires.

One of my passions in the domain of talent development is coaching. What is great about coaching is that by facilitating people’s thinking process you can make them come to new insights all by themselves, which increases their motivation to do things differently. As a Test Team Lead, these coaching skills are equally important in order to keep on growing the skills of my team. Developing a plan with my team, getting all noses in the same direction and working hard to reach the milestones, is another part of the team lead job which I enjoy.

Inspired Engineering

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