Philippe - Digital Competence Center Manager - MelexisDigital Competence Center Manager, Site Manager

Paris - France

For people who are not afraid to make mistakes, Melexis is a place to thrive. When we started our first office in Paris, in January 1991, I was the only Frenchman in a team of five. Those early days were quite an adventure, as we tried to get our French office profitable as soon as possible. I remember our first contract with a big player in the automotive industry as if it was yesterday. From that moment on, we scaled very fast.

Now, more than 25 years later, we have approximately 1,100 employees worldwide, so needless to say that our work was a success. The company as a whole changed a lot over the years. We became a lot more international for example, with branches all over Europe and even all over the world right now. I think it is great to work in such a versatile, multicultural environment. But luckily some things also remained the same: Melexis still has the same trust in its employees and gives them the same amount of responsibility from the first day they start to work. And we still pride ourselves on achieving the highest standards for the safest, most innovative, and technically-advanced automotive sensors and semiconductor systems.