Portrait VickySenior Field Applications Engineer

Shanghai - China

Mutual respect is at the core of everything we do at Melexis. First of all, there is the mutual respect inside of Melexis: between colleagues and between employees and the management. We get a lot of freedom to do our job. Nobody pushes you to do anything. It is like we can manage ourselves to serve our customers, to make projects happen and generate revenue for the company. When there is an issue that no one else can solve, I feel intrinsically motivated to find the root cause to the problem. ‘Oh, I found it!’ It makes me feel happy and satisfied.

There is also a lot of mutual respect between us and the customers. When I started at Melexis, more than seven years ago, I did not know which questions to ask these customers. But now, when I visit them, I can feel they respect me because of my knowledge and because the Melexis products are so competitive and state-of-the-art. I hope I can do many more years at this wonderful company.