Sensors detect magnetic, thermal, mechanical
and optical stimuli and convert measurement of these physical phenomena into an electrical signal.
Without the use of these sensors there would be no automation.


Practical Applications in Sense

Automotive Interior and Exterior Lighting

It is becoming increasingly common in modern automotive design for headlamps, as well as rear and side lights, to utilize LEDs. Discover our innovative car interior and exterior lighting solutions.

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Brake Pressure Sensor

Brake pressure sensing is used in the dynamic brake control (DBC) systems of vehicles to improve brake effectiveness in emergency stop situations.

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Cockpit Light Dimming

LED cockpit lighting and interior lighting system that enables feedback loops for controlling dimming settings of cockpit instrumentation lighting, so consistent color and brightness levels can be maintained.

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Comfort Sensing

Accurate and low-cost way for measuring the body temperature of vehicle occupants in order that climate control systems can operate with maximum effectiveness and comfort can be assured.

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EGR High Temperature Sensor

This emissions reduction solution is able to deal with high temperature levels, sensing up to 1.300°C, that characterize automotive environments.

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Electric Power Assisted Steering

There are many ways in which Melexis is encouraging the uptake of electric power steering systems (EPS) technology in modern vehicles through its off-the-shelf and customized IC products.

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ABS Braking System

Stopping a vehicle quickly on a slippery road surface can prove to be very challenging. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) stops the wheels from locking when the brakes are applied.

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