Download selection guide for PTC-04 and daughterboard

This selection guide gives a detailed overview of Melexis’ universal programmer for magnetic and pressure sensors, the PTC-04 and daughterboard.

MLX90215, MLX90251, MLX90288, MLX90292, MLX90293, MLX91206, MLX91207, MLX91208, MLX91209, MLX91216, MLX91217, MLX90316, MLX90324, MLX90333, MLX90340, MLX90360, MLX90363, MLX90364, MLX90365, MLX90366, MLX90367, MLX90371, MLX90372, MLX90373, MLX90374, MLX90378, MLX90393, MLX90820 MLX91377, MLX92232, MLX92242, MLX92292

Selection guide for PTC-04 and daughterboard:

  • 1.30 MB PDF
  • Current revision: October 2020