DVK90109 - Development Kit for MLX90109

The development kit DVK90109 has been developed by Melexis to create specific applications using 125 kHz protocols and to evaluate the advantages of the MLX90109 transceiver IC.

The DVK90109 results of the combination of the development board DVKRFID and the evaluation board EVB90109. The EVB90109 is plugged on the DVKRFID through a 10-pins connector (including Coil, VCC and Ground) and controlled by the microcontroller ATMEGA128.
A set of commands has been elaborated by Melexis to define the communication between the computer and the evaluation board EVB90109.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard ISO communications
  • User interface software
  • RS232 serial communication
  • Dedicated instruction set
  • 6 to 9 volts supply compliant