How Melexis’ pressure sensors contribute to CO2 emission reduction

To fight global warming, one of the necessary measures to be taken is to reduce CO2 emissions. Many of the Melexis’ pressure sensors have been developed to contribute to that goal.

MeLiBu™- the new standard protocol for automotive high-speed lighting animation

Discover the new standard protocol for automotive high-speed lighting animation

What is the Hall-effect?

Introducing the Hall-Effect principle, a well-established phenomenon harnessed by Melexis sensor ICs.

Introduction to continuous-wave time-of-flight

This video introduces the necessary concepts to technically understand the principle of continuous-wave time-of-flight (cwToF), with the aim to support you in choosing the right technology for your application.

Why Choose time-of-flight for your Automotive 3D Sensing Applications

Look at how time-of-flight compares to other 2D/3D sensing technologies, to help you make the right choice for your interior or exterior sensing use case.

A stray-field-immune magnetic displacement sensor with 1% accuracy

A new concept for a linear displacement Hall sensor. This paper is published in IEEE Sensors journal.

Enabling the full potential of automotive 3D ToF imaging

Melexis has been pioneering in optical time-of-flight technology applied to the automobile industry.

An intelligent approach to eliminating thermal disturbances in non-contact temperature measurement

Temperature measurement is becoming highly popular, especially in portable devices, that measure body temperature as part of a home healthcare regime.

Making EVAP work for full hybrid EVs

Having pressure sensors that are not only able to detect tiny leakages of fuel vapor but are capable of measuring and coping with increasing pressure levels in sealed tanks is key to the success of EVAP in full hybrids.

High resolution automotive ToF sensor: beyond 100 Kpixel

Intrepid Delta interviewed Melexis at the Intuitive Vehicles Conference about QVGA and VGA time-of-flight sensors.

Triaxis®: Unique sensing solution

An innovative magnetic sensor technology capable of very precise 3 axis magnetic field measurement from a single sensor.

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