Melexis ToF sensor in world's first functionally safe industrial 3D ToF camera

Melexis ToF sensor in world's first functionally safe industrial 3D camera - Melexistofmotion launches certified industrial Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera based on a Melexis sensor for collaborative robots and AGVs.

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 19 November 2019 - In collaboration with Melexis, tofmotion, a company specialized in creating overall solution packages in depth sensing and imaging, introduces a new solution for 3D sensing in the industrial environment.

Their tofguard makes it possible to use the 3D-based Time-of-Flight camera system, based on Melexis’ MLX75024, for the first time with safety approval for the machine industry. tofmotions spotguard, based on the safety-certified Time-of-Flight camera, provides a solution for observing safety locations in production, logistics and (collaborative) robotics reliably and in real-time. People and obstacle detection for autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) are target applications too.

The camera performs defined safety tasks and protects people and machines against collision. Compared to traditional safety sensors, users benefit not only from superior functionality and efficiency, but also from significant cost reductions.

The new tofguard product group is based on the TFM IC5 outdoor camera, which has been further developed for safety applications: the new ToF cameras are certified and approved to EN 13849 (Performance Level D) and EN 62061 (SIL 2, Cat.). With a frame rate of up to 100 fps, the 3D cameras with Melexis chips inside are faster than average. All images are processed immediately using an on-board processor and the information is passed on directly to controllers. The data transfer remains as lean as possible - with good reason. After all, a fast camera results in short reaction times, which means increased security. Autonomous transport systems can travel faster, the speed of robots is not limited by slow sensors. Overall, users benefit from a significant increase in productivity.


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