Melexis will be at Sensors Expo third year in a row

Meet Melexis at Sensors Expo 2019 in San JoseMelexis will be present at Sensors Expo 2019 in San Jose, California from 25 to 27 June 2019 at booth #1022 where all of the below demos, and more, can be seen during the show.

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 7 June 2019 - At booth #1022, we will be showcasing our superior technologies for temperature sensing, Time-of-Flight (ToF), people detection, current, magnetic position and pressure sensors for a number of applications, in the automotive and other markets such as smart appliances, home automation and industrial sectors.

You can get acquainted with these technologies through multiple demonstrations:

Body temperature mobile device app: Body temperature is one of the most important “vital signs”, giving vital clues about our health condition. In this demo our MLX90632, the world’s smallest infrared medical grade temperature sensor, is integrated into a mobile device. The app shows the sensor’s chip temperature and the object temperature as registered by the sensor. The app also shows the calculated body temperature which is only valid when the sensor is pointed to the forehead of a person.

Bluetooth earthermometer: One of the most accurate ways to measure body temperature is by measuring the tympanic membrane inside the ear canal. This MLX90632 earthermometer demo shows how the sensor can be integrated in a small earpiece to measure body temperature. The earthermometer uses a Bluetooth connection and displays the measured body temperature live on the mobile device.

Touchscreen with current and pressure sensors portfolio: The Melexis touchscreen highlights examples of systems and specific applications where we have a pressure sensor product fit with the benefits of our solutions for such specific applications. The current sensor pages explain the different Hall technologies employed at Melexis and their advantages, with visualizations of the applications in the automobile.

3D magnetic cube: The Melexis cube demonstrates a non-contacting method of detecting rotary and joystick motion with the MLX90393 device. The X, Y, and Z magnetic fields are measured and processed to determine the position of the magnet above the sensor. Push detection is accomplished by monitoring the magnetic field strength. The position or rotation is visualized on the cube as a rendering of a disc (rotation) or as a point in space (joystick).

Triaxis® development kit: The Triaxis® development kit provides for a quick, easy, and convenient method to evaluate many of the Melexis Triaxis® magnetic position sensors. The kit contains a set of evaluation boards interfaced to an Arduino via analog, PWM, SPI, or SENT communication and connected to a touchscreen LCD which allows for product and mode selection. Rotary, linear, and 3D/joystick motion can be evaluated with the set of mini knobs, sliders, and joysticks with the LCD indicating the angle (rotary) or displacement (linear) of the magnet. Additional functionality like push detection is also included.

People detection: In order to preserve range, a BEV will require a more efficient and localized HVAC control, while maintaining or improving the comfort level. The Melexis people detection demo demonstrates how thermal imaging can be used for people detection and monitoring the cabin's temperature. At the heart of the application is the MLX90640, a 32x24 pixel thermal array. The thermal image recorded by this device is displayed on the screen using a color scale (blue for the cooler temperatures and red for the higher temperatures). A software algorithm analyzes the thermal image and determines if people, marked by a white square, are present.

Current sensor demo for EV and HEV: The demonstrator displays two major elements of electric drivetrains: a DC/AC traction inverter and a motor. With its versatile contactless current sensing solutions at the interface between inverter and motor, Melexis ensures an efficient and safe operation of the drivetrain. Space constraints prevail and the IMC-Hall® technology enables a very compact and easily mountable solution. Different demonstrators are laid out, targeting different current ranges.

Time-of-Flight body skeleton: The Melexis Gen II Time-of-Flight chipset (MLX75024 + MLX75123BA) enables precise 3D mapping of objects and people, classification and gesture recognition. The distance information measured with the chipset can be used to extract information about the environment or the user in order to monitor his or her behavior for improved safety inside vehicles. Here a simplified skeleton is extracted and displayed together with a cloud of points showing the distance information measured by each of the pixels of the sensor.


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