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FSK/ASK Single-Conversion Superheterodyne Receiver - 315/433 MHz


The Melexis TH71101 FSK/ASK single-conversion superheterodyne receiver IC is designed for applications in the European 433 MHz industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) band, according to the EN 300 220 telecommunications standard.


It can also be used for any other system with carrier frequencies ranging from 300 to 450 MHz (for example for applications according to FCC part 15 and ARIB STD-T67).

FSK/ASK Single-Conversion Superheterodyne Receiver - 315/433 MHz - TH71101

Features and benefits

  • Single conversion-superhet architecture for low external component count

  • FSK demodulation with phase-coincidence demodulator

  • Low current consumption in active mode and very low standby current

  • Switchable LNA gain for improved dynamic range

  • RSSI allows signal strength indication and ASK detection

  • 32-pin Low profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP)
Used in these


  • Building, Security, Home & Office Automation
  • Consumer Solutions

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