MLXSPI-01 - MLXSPI programming kit

The MLXSPI programmer is designed to have a flexible and low cost programming tool for all Melexis devices using the SPI™ interface. The MLXSPI-01 programmer contains its own programmable power supply which can be driven by nearly all standard parallel ports on IBM compatible PC’s.

The MLXSPI programmer needs to be controlled with the accompanying software, running under Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT. The PC requires no custom configuration.

SPI™ is a trademark of Motorola Inc.

Features and benefits

  • Compatible with nearly any PC running
  • Windows 95, 98 or NT
  • Uses the standard parallel port
  • No additional supplies required
  • Easy to use software included
  • Supports all Melexis kitparts using the SPI™ interface