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Our Belgian team is responsible for preparing various initiatives, both internally and externally. Our work involves a cooperation with the STEM academy, coordinated by Technopolis®. The STEM academy network is aimed at children and young people from the age of five to eighteen and supports initiatives that provide education in areas such as woodwork technology, electronics and electricity, and robotics.

Melexis provides the STEM academy network, with financial support via a ‘technology bonus’. During working hours, the company also offers its employees the chance to act as a ‘technology mentor’ and share their knowledge at the various academies in Flanders.

Melexis’ CEO Françoise Chombar is also the Chair of the STEM platform, an independent group of experts who advise the STEM steering group and the Flemish government on the STEM action plan.

There are already various partnerships between STEM academies and companies, but Melexis is the first company to also support the STEM academy financially. This is undoubtedly a positive development that is testimony to great societal commitment and a targeted long-term vision.

Stephane Berghmans, Managing Director of Technopolis®


In 2015, Melexis in Ukraine decided to participate in a nationwide STEM programme together with global companies such as Ericsson, Intel, OSTCHEM, Syngenta. This initiative was triggered by the European Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organization, which launched the programme “Deploy Your Talents - Stepping Up the STEM Agenda for Europe”. Within the scope of this programme, the education project “STEM: Jobs of the Future” was initiated in France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Ukraine.

Our colleagues presented the world of microelectronics and working at Melexis to pupils in high schools during February and April 2015.

“It's important to show real possibilities in engineering for pupils who are going to choose their profession, to excite them and encourage them to think like an engineer. There are a number of good schools in Kiev with a lot of great pupils, who still don't know the way to choose in their life. If we engage them in engineering, we will make a step in building our sustainable future.”
Volodymyr Roschook, Senior Analog Design Engineer

In 2016, we decided to do more and became a member of STEM-education coalition. This allows us to take part in school selection, branding campaign and impact the development of STEM education programs in Ukraine. Following the wishes of children to show them a real company’s life, lectures in 2016 took place directly in Melexis Kiev office as of March until May.

In November 2016 opened the Melexis exhibition in the Experimentanium Museum of Popular Science and Technology in presence of Luc Jacobs, the Ambassador of Belgium to Ukraine. The objective is to show children that high-tech is accessible, fun and very interesting.


Sponsorship of local Shell Eco-marathon team Technical University Sofia.

Inspired Engineering

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