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At Melexis, we take recruitment very seriously. We want to attract people who embody the Melexis values – ambitious people with technical curiosity, a profound interest in improving and a sense of ownership with regards to their job and work environment.

We want people to stay with the company long-term, and we help to make that a reality thanks to the recruitment process. It allows us to get to know the applicant and make sure we can make a joint decision based on thorough analysis. This also allows the candidate to get to know Melexis better, and therefore able to make a more informed decision.

For us, it is not just about filtering applications, we also want to give you some learnings and experiences in return. We endeavor to stay in touch with candidates who did not pass the selection where possible – it might not be a good fit at the present time, but could be a perfect match in the future.

Candidates who are successful and offered a role start an induction period, where they are imbedded in their new team, get extensive coaching and trips to the head office or other offices abroad, when foreseen by the induction plan. During this time, the new employee is immersed in the Melexis way of working.

We do not believe in micromanaging. We aspire to offer the best environment to grow, but it is up to the employees themselves to decide in which direction that takes them.

If you have found a job opening that looks interesting, please take a look at our Recruitment Questions & Answers section before starting your journey.

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