Melexis sustainability


Embedding sustainable and responsible practices into our business


The world needs to continue the fight against climate change and seek solutions for both CO2 and power consumption reduction.

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Our products

Melexis is dedicated to positively impact on an economic, environmental and social level. Our products and solutions reflect this sustainable ambition.

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Our people

We care for our people. They are more than Human Capital. They are Melexis. They bring enthusiasm and eagerness to innovate.

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Safety, health and well-being

Safety, health and well-being aren’t benefits. These are necessary requirements so our colleagues can work in a worry-free environment.

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Social responsibility

Companies aren’t operating outside society. They are a part of it. Our social engagement teams coordinate and implement Melexis’ efforts to be a responsible, concerned and involved member of society in all of our locations.

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Our quality and environmental policy strives for the smallest environmental footprint possible. Our responsibility towards the planet and people is incorporated in our strategy, values and culture.

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Business ethics

Business ethics aren't window dressing. They are a conditio sine qua non for sustainable business. Ethics are in Melexis' DNA, thanks to our values and code of conduct.

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