Melexis ICs and people shape the future

The best imaginable future. That is what Melexis shapes. A future that is safe, clean, comfortable and healthy. Because we care. About our planet, about our customers and about our colleagues.

What we do

Melexis engineers microelectronic solutions. These solutions facilitate the work of our customers. By easy integration. By taking innovation one step further. By providing a competitive advantage. Our technology makes cars and other products smarter, safer and greener. Our sensors capture data from the analog world and comprehend these data digitally. Our drivers make sure customers can bring their products to life. As we always have a plan, we come with the right products at the right moment so our customers stay one step ahead of the competition. That’s what we call inspired engineering.

Who we work for

Who we work for

We mainly focus on semiconductors for the automotive industry. Melexis is energizing the transition to Electrical Vehicles (EVs). We increase the efficiency of ICE cars. Besides the automotive market, we cater to other markets as well:

  • Alternative mobility
    Melexis ICs assist e-bikes, drones and other transport means by enhancing range, safety and comfort.

  • Smart appliances
    Gaming, white goods, e-toys. Melexis ICs bring performance and user friendliness.

  • Smart buildings
    Smart buildings require smart ICs. Efficiency, security and comfort are all in reach.

  • Robotics
    Capturing the environment, interpreting this signal and acting accordingly. That’s how Melexis innovative ICs enhance robots.

  • Energy management
    Getting the most out of your energy sources in an efficient way requires specialized Melexis ICs.

  • Digital health
    Health applications require the most reliable and precise ICs. Melexis has the right solutions.

How we make the difference

How we make the difference

Our people are and make the difference. Melexis creates a framework for colleagues to grow, thrive and create impact for themselves, the customer and the company. Because we care, we empower and we excel. We believe in the power of diversity. Spread over 3 continents, 1700 colleagues from 50 nationalities shape the best imaginable future. Melexis never labels humans according to gender, age, nationality or religion. We simply welcome new colleagues based on fundamental criteria like competencies, performance record and potential. That’s how we inspire and get inspired. By people.