Technology makes our world go round. What about yours?

At Melexis we are constantly looking to solve complex problems, to provide answers, meet challenges. Because we are all driven by a relentless curiosity about how things work. Our passion for technology and science makes our world go round. What about yours?

The world is changing at a rapid pace and new challenges arise every day.
As Stephen Hawking, one of the most recognisable figures in modern science, put it so aptly:

How will we feed an ever growing population, provide clean water, generate renewable energy, prevent and cure diseases and slow down global climate change? Science and technology will provide the answers to these questions. It will take people, human beings with knowledge and understanding to implement these solutions.

Indeed, to tackle societal challenges we need people who know how to do it. People who have the appropriate talents, skills and background. Scientists, engineers, designers … companies like Melexis are constantly looking to attract such profiles, and know all too well that these are not always that easy to find.

That is why we are STEM Ambassadors.