Our technology and innovations support a broad range of applications in different sectors.

Application E-bike thumbnail


Combining exercise and mobility was never so easy thanks to E-bikes. Because they support you while moving, they are an attractive option. Modern technology optimizes the pedal assist by the electrical engine while minimizing the battery usage. Thanks to Melexis ICs you control the calories and the battery energy you burn.

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Application automotive interior lighting thumbnail

Interior lighting

The influence light can have on us is no longer a secret. It is therefore no surprise to see car interiors being upgraded for our comfort and safety, especially when you can reduce the design complexity thanks to a scalable & flexible lighting architecture solution.

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application thermal management PHEV thumbnail

PHEV thermal management

In order to optimize energy while increasing the All-Electric Range (AER), a perfect thermal management system is key. Melexis products enable higher system integration towards a safer and cost-effective thermal management, maximizing the AER and improving the driver experience.


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thumbnail BEV thermal management

BEV thermal management

In order to optimize energy while increasing the All-Electric Range (AER), a perfect thermal management system is key. Ideal performance of the battery requires a temperature between 20-40℃, no matter the external conditions. Without the heat source of a classical ICE, new sources for heating & cooling need to be optimized. Discover the different modes.

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Application diagram onboard charger

Onboard charger

The function of the onboard charger is to efficiently, reliably and safely convert AC electricity from the electrical grid (e.g. household plug) to DC electricity so it can be stored in the battery of the electrified vehicle (xEV).


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application Main DCDC thumbnail

main DCDC

The DC/DC converter produces low voltage DC electricity (e.g. 12 V, 14 V, 24 V) from the high voltage battery (e.g. 48 V up to 800 V) to supply the boardnet and charge the low voltage battery.

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Traction inverter and motor

Traction inverter & motor

In electric vehicles, the inverter converts DC power from the battery to AC power for the motor drive, which in turn transforms it into propulsion power. The efficiency of this system has a direct impact on the all-electric range, road performance and comfort.


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ICE gasoline air management

Air is to an ICE what air is to the human body. Therefore it is essential to manage it efficiently, especially because it leads to better performances and less emissions.

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ICE gasoline fuel management

Fuel management is under pressure. Fuel economy and performance are crucial to the ICE efficiency. Discover the products which support the optimization of fuel management.

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ICE gasoline after treatment

We always need to save energy by all means, so ICE after treatment optimization is of no question. Efficiency and emission reduction are essential results of ICE after treatment.

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ICE gasoline base engine

Base engines power the car. It is therefore important to ensure full efficiency of the combustion process.

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