The quality and environmental policy of Melexis acts as the red line throughout the organization and is the basis of the quality strategy covered in the following mission statement:

Drive smart solutions to enable Melexis innovative products and to encourage customer confidence

Displayed ownership through proactive disclosure of improvement opportunities and timely implementation of identified and agreed solutions drive smart solutions. Continuously monitoring and enhancing product quality throughout the product life cycle and supply chain and steering creativity into concrete actions enable Melexis innovative products.

Effectively listening and timely response to customers and systemic improvements of systems, processes, methods, tools and skills encourage customer confidence.

Through a lean and global organization we strive to provide credibility and technical competence to our internal and external customers.

A sustainable quality and environmental policy exists as a fundament of our processes. It expresses what we stand for as a company and highlights those areas where we want to contribute to our customer’s successes and to a sustainable environment. It provides a framework for our everyday operation and influences every decision, guiding every action.

We aim to fulfill all legal and other requirements including environmental aspects.

Our focus areas are in:

  • Continual improvement of our processes

  • Prevention of environmental impact and commitment to environmental sustainability

  • Designing for sustainability and doing it right the first time

  • Prevention of fails and pursuing zero defect strategy

  • Providing state-of-the-art methods and risk management

  • Ensuring ethical behaviour and customer satisfaction

The quality and environmental policy of Melexis aims to interact with the environment and society with the utmost respect and care, demonstrating our responsibility for people and planet.

To ensure a continuous improvement loop our integrated Management System has been continuously developed and certified by DQS (German Certification body for Management Systems) as following:

  • Since 1998: ISO 9001
  • Since 1999: ISO 14001
  • Since 2003: ISO/TS 16949 including Semiconductor Commodity
  • Since 2018: IATF 16949 (Sofia / Ieper)