Our people

We care for our people. They are more than Human Capital. They are Melexis. They bring enthusiasm and eagerness to innovate. They create our successes. Challenges are what they thrive on, they remove obstacles and explore new opportunities. No wonder Melexis considers them the most valuable asset. This is translated in a human approach, social commitment, continuous learning and investments in well-being.

We encourage self-determination by autonomy, relatedness and competence. We believe in our people, so we always consider internal candidates first. A retention rate of 89% is exemplary for how Melexis values its human capital and the other way round.


Melexis is advocating diversity. With a presence in 12 countries, we have colleagues with 49 different nationalities. In a data- and tech-driven company, valuing cultural differences, nurturing an inclusive mindset and being conscious about equality is a necessity to create the best imaginable future. Melexis needs these diverse talents. Equal chances for all cultures, genders and visions make Melexis to what it is: a strong, innovative future oriented company. Sustainable Development Goal 5, which is one of the SDGs adopted by Melexis, strives to achieve diversity and inclusivity.

Training and education

It goes without saying that for an engineering company like Melexis, knowledge is vital for the existence and future development of the company. That’s why Melexis is a strong advocate of UN SDG 3 which supports the development of people. Melexis doesn’t take its people for granted.

Our colleagues work in an environment encouraging learning, continuous improvement and self-determination. Structured onboarding programs, the Melexis University and competence based development programs ensure people use a maximum of their talents.

Melexis stimulates lifelong learning, encourages colleagues to determine their own learning needs and supports them with on-the-job-development. Different leadership programs nurture ambitious colleagues with the right mindset and attitude to take Melexis to the next level. Now and in the future.