Our products

What they do

Melexis is dedicated to positively impact on an economic, environmental and social level. Our company represents engineering that enables the best imaginable future: safe, clean, comfortable and healthy. Our products and solutions reflect this ambition. They reduce energy consumption, optimize battery usage and reduce the number of needed components.

Melexis offers precise and accurate sensor ICs and versatile motor driver ICs contributing to numerous facets of better engine management, economic fuel use and less emissions. Taken a step further to Electrical Vehicles (EVs), our solutions are essential in the battery management systems and thermal management. They increase the range of the vehicles and the efficiency of the power electronics.

Alternative energy sources need Melexis solutions as well. Our current sensors facilitate input current measurement, residential inverters, uninterrupted power supplies, battery monitoring and overcurrent detection.

How they are made

Melexis has defined several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that are material to our company and stakeholders. One of them, SDG 12, supports responsible consumption and production. SDG 12 focuses on responsible supply chain, energy use, business ethics, product quality and safety, product lifecycle and conflict minerals. Melexis deploys different initiatives to safeguard all of these topics during the development and production of our solutions.

We continuously look for ways to reduce our energy consumption and use of raw materials. Wherever possible, we use renewable energy and facilitate recycling. An example is our site in Erfurt where we reduced our power consumption for production in 2019 from 5 GW to 4.1 GW.

Melexis has an ISO 14001 certificate declaring we are a company with a low environmental impact. Our production and test sites don’t use chemical or other hazardous substances. To go even a step further, we keep track of our environmental performance data from the manufacturing sites. Knowing is growing. Each year we try to improve the outcome.

We maintain a close collaboration with our customers to define opportunities to develop environmental-friendly solutions. In the same way, we stay in close contact with our suppliers and contractors so they act environmentally responsible. Melexis requests environmental information records on all materials supplied. When selecting suppliers, we request ISO 14001 certification and key suppliers are required to sign a quality agreement.

Melexis commits to deliver products that don’t contain hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium etc. Although we are not required to register our products under REACH regulation, we still aim to achieve these REACH goals. To avoid any conflict of interest, we not only test our products internally, but have them checked annually by an external institute for hazardous substances.