Reliability of Semiconductor Devices

Melexis adheres to a modular and failure mode driven product qualification approach for enhanced robustness validation. The product qualification consists of compliance testing using AEC-Q100, JEDEC and other international standards for:

  • Device qualifications

  • Wafer technology qualifications

  • Package technology qualifications

  • Post processing qualifications

  • Component qualifications

  • System level qualifications

For qualification and product development, a wide range of “Stresses”, “Tests” and “Data Analysis methodologies are considered in order to cover mission profile related application requirements.

Stress and Test types, conditions and sequences are defined in accordance to Failure Mechanism driven qualifications, which are described in the SAE J1879 Standard. This approach complements or exceeds traditional AEC-Q100 requirements.

Customer with his expertise has the sole responsibility to provide in its sole discretion all relevant information and requirements for Products. No other sources for information to be provided by Customer but those provided in pursue of the foregoing shall be relevant for any performance of Melexis.

Melexis and the Customer will update the specifications and related processes upon mutual consent of the scope and the cost of changes of the Products or processes related to the manufacturing of the Products which constitutes the relevant revision of the specifications at the date of delivery.


Special characteristics or critical characteristics of the Product must expressly be identified as such by the Customer. They do not constitute any extended liability or guarantee of Melexis unless otherwise expressly stipulated and covered by amendments to the Control plan.