Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

Climate change is widely described as one of the challenges for humankind. In response to that governments and industries around the globe are setting targets to bring about reductions in greenhouse gas levels.

Environmental diligence is an integral part of the Melexis policy and Melexis values.

At Melexis we strive to engineer a sustainable future by planning of continuous improvement of carbon footprint (CO2 emission) and by strictly banning forbidden substances for our products.

Our Environmental strategy is based on compliance to legislations and relevant standards (ISO 14001).

Melexis is not considering to additionally implementing a Product Carbon Footprint organization and data collection of product related emission throughout supply chain and during life cycle as defined in ISO 14064 due to very limited significance for our processes and products.

However Melexis is supporting customers with product material related information.

For further communication on Greenhouse Gases (GHG), please contact our Environmental responsible at Melexis.


Download Melexis Greenhouse Gases Statement (PDF - 72 KB)