STEM girl power

More Girl Power Within STEM - MelexisBoth girls and boys are equally equipped to excel at sciences and math, and yet few girls are actually stimulated to choose an education in these fields.

Although boys may be marginally better at things like abstract thinking, girls bring a more pragmatic and emotional approach to the STEM domains. They tend to be more concerned with the environment and social issues like hunger and poverty. That is exactly why we need more girl power in the companies and laboratories of today and tomorrow.

More girl power? Françoise Chombar, President at Melexis and Chair of the STEM Platform, wrote a blogpost on the subject:

The Surprisingly Simple Reason Why I Want More Women in STEM

In the coming weeks, dozens of possible solutions for climate change will be proposed: from carbon taxes to awareness campaigns and more investments in renewables. But research suggests that there is a surprisingly simple way to make environmental and sustainability issues a more important in business: train more women for jobs in STEM sectors (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

We know from research that women generally tend to be more concerned with the environment and with social issues than men. Unfortunately, this caring perspective is too often missing in the companies and laboratories where bright minds are thinking of solutions to the challenges facing mankind today.

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