The Melexis values

The Melexis values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we value as a company.
They are the essence of the Melexis' identity.

We are on the customer’s side, and we always have a plan. We care. We understand the value of money. We enjoy the journey towards success.

We care

We care I Melexis

Whatever we do, our heart is in it. We believe technology is about solving fundamental societal challenges. We take nothing for granted, be it our people, our partners and customers, our planet or our resources.

That is why we love to cultivate talent and provide an environment that prizes learning, growth, collaboration and continuous improvement.


We understand the value of money

We understand the value of money I Melexis

We strongly believe business is all about balance. Between work and life. Between personal and common goals. Between resources and results.

That is how we have become an industry leader in terms of innovation and operational excellence. And why we remain committed to lean ways of working, on a broad scale.


We always have a plan

We always have a plan I Melexis

We became leaders in the industry because we are straight shooters. Not daunted by challenges.

Always excited to come up with new ways to create value. Whether it’s by removing obstacles or by exploring new opportunities. Whatever the aim, we always have a plan.


We enjoy the journey towards success

we enjoy the journey towards success I Melexis

However far our ambitions may reach, we get there thanks to the enthusiasm and eagerness of everyone that works at Melexis.

People who are always willing to innovate, and who show confidence in their own and their team members’ resourcefulness. Together we can reach for the stars.


We're on the customer's side

We are on the customer's side I Melexis

We love to make things run like clockwork, and that goes for our customers too.

We don’t just provide them with our engineering innovations, we actually feel part of their team and love working WITH them. We take pride in delivering on time, on budget, on scope, so everything fits together perfectly.