Supervision and Compliance


As the issuer of listed shares, Melexis is subject to the listing requirements of Euronext Brussels. In Belgium, Melexis is also subject to the supervision by the Financial Services and Markets Authorities (FSMA).

Statutory Auditor

The financial accounts of Melexis are audited by an independent statutory auditor who is appointed for a renewable mandate of three years. The activities and independence of the statutory auditor are supervised by the Audit Committee on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Code of Conduct

Melexis employees, representatives and Board members have to comply with an Ethical Code of Conduct in their dealings with the Melexis stakeholders. The purpose of this Code is to give all Melexis colleagues a clear and unambiguous reference for expected behavior during business activities.

To assure compliance by all people working at Melexis with the legal and regulatory provisions protecting the financial markets against abuse of inside information and market manipulation, Melexis takes a number of precautionary measures highlighted in the Insider Trading Policy.

Inspired Engineering

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