Executive Management

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Executive Management
Karen van Griensven, Kristof Coddens, Heidi Stieglitz, Sam Maddalena, Françoise Chombar, Marc Biron, Nicolas Simonne, Vincent Hiligsmann, Veerle Lozie, Damien Macq.

The daily management of the Company has been delegated by the Board of Directors to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who has the power to represent the Company by his or her sole signature. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is also the chairman of the Executive Management.

The Executive Management is composed of:

  • The CEO
  • The CFO
  • 8 VPs

The Executive Management team has the operational accountability for leading the Company in accordance with the global strategy, vision, mission and values, and with the planning and budgets approved by the Board of Directors. The Executive Management team is also responsible for screening the various opportunities and risks the company might encounter in the short, medium or longer term, as well as for ensuring that systems are in place to address these opportunities and risks.

The two VPs of the Business Units Sense & Drive and Sense & Light are accountable for managing the business globally with focus on our customers’ interests.

The two VPs of Corporate Strategy define the direction of the product portfolio. They are moreover accountable for developing Global Product Marketing and Business Development on the one hand and Global Sales, Brand & Communication on the other.

Four VPs are responsible for functional excellence and compliance in Development & Quality, Operations & IT, Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources.

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